A8619 support

Our technical team works around the world supporting existing A8619 systems. We use advanced procedures for remote diagnostics via the internet to quickly identify, isolate and update subsystems on-site. We provide full support of the systems and our support services include:

– Fast Response
– International Presence
– Qualified Engineers
– Central Coordination
– Hotline (phone/email) Monday to Friday (8:00 – 17:00 CET) – Validity 12 months from date of delivery/order

Support Issue Classifications

– Blocking (intervention time ASAP; neutralisation time interim release)
– Critical (intervention time 2 Working Days, neutralisation time next update)
– Non-critical (intervention time: standard work-flow; neutralisation time next release)


– Blocking: System cannot be used for intended purpose.
– Critical: Some aspect of intended purpose is not possible.
– Non-critical: System operational, but convenience of use is affected.
– Response time: To confirm that a problem report has been received and to establish contact to a specialist.
– Intervention time: To provide a work-around or bridging solution, where technically possible.
– Neutralisation time: To provide an integrated solution.

License Agreement

All systems are delivered subject to users accepting the license agreement. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the license agreement, please contact us.